Veterinarians are uniquely able to prescribe controlled and restricted drugs for the treatment of our animal patients. We take the responsibility very seriously. Our ability to prescribe is underpinned by our ability to diagnose and treat specific conditions, with the knowledge of the specific pet under our treatment, and the owner of that pet, our client.


  • There are State and Federal regulatory and enforcement agencies who control the way that drugs and medications can be stored, prescribed, dispensed and destroyed.
  • We are obliged to follow the relevant legislation and regulations from these bodies. The protocols by which we dispense medications are made to be compliant.
  • If we are not compliant we face significant penalties. We hope you understand that we will always act in the best interests of you and your pet; however, we may be constrained by regulators.


  • If your pet is taking medication long term, please phone ahead so we can prepare prescription refills and have them ready for you.
  • Please be aware that if your pet is taking medications long term, then for both the health of your pet and also to comply with the regulators, we must examine your pet regularly. For most pets, most conditions and most medications, this means at least every six months.
  • Like with our own human medications, some ongoing medications require that we examine your pet more often than every six months and/or we might need to perform specific tests, including blood tests to continue medications.

Cost Effective Solutions

  • If your pet is receiving medication long term for persistent or chronic disease we are able to provide cost effective solutions
  • Cost effective solutions include:
    • Large packets of medications
    • Generic medication formulas
    • Reduced dispensing costs
  • Please talk to the veterinarian who is treating your pet about these choices.

Returning Medications

  • Our advice from Qld Health is that we are not permitted to accept back returned medication for re-dispensing. This means that once we have prescribed and dispensed medication for your pet, we cannot refund you and accept it back again to dispense a second time to another patient.
  • We provide a pro-bono (free) service to care for injured stray pets and wildlife. If you wish to donate your un-used medications to our hospital, we are sometimes able to use them for the benefit of hospitalised patients being treated pro-bono.