In October 2011 we launched our online store, powered by Provet, Australia’s leading distributor of veterinary products. The products are shipped direct from our wholesalers. This means we can pass cost savings directly to our clients.

Click here to visit the Vetwell Shop.

It contains a full range of over-the-counter products. We are happy to provide advice on the use of these products, so please call or visit your local Vetwell practice, if you have any queries related to your pet.

For preventative health care we recommend that specific products be tailored for your pet. For fleas and ticks, and worms and heartworms, not all products are the same. Some of these products, if used incorrectly, may even harm your pet.

We suggest you contact us, tell us your pet’s age and breed, and we can recommend the suite of preventative health products which are the most effective for you to choose for your pet from our online shop.