Vetwell Friends

Vetwell Friends is a group of clients and patients who share our enthusiasm for excellent science based patient care and are loyal supporters of our practice group. There is no charge to be a basic member of Vetwell Friends, and you can register by contacting your local Vetwell practice.

The following describes the way the Friends scheme will function.

Goals of Vetwell Friends

  • Educate clients on the best health care for their pet
  • Promote a close association between the client, the pet and Vetwell practices
  • Reward clients for their loyalty for using Vetwell practices as their primary source for pet products and services

Pet Points

  • Points will accrue differently for different products and service
  • The rate of points accrual for each product and service will be determined by the practice owners and may change from time to time
  • Points will be accounted for by Vetwell practices
  • Points will be reported to clients every quarter by email
  • Points balances will be made available to any Friend who asks for them
  • Points can be used once a balance of 2,000 points is reached
  • Points will expire 18 months after they are accrued

Using Pet Points

  • Pet Points can be redeemed at any Vetwell practice
  • Pet Points can be redeemed on any product or service provided by a Vetwell practice
  • Redemption will be offered by Vetwell practice staff at the time of invoicing or can be requested by clients
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