• Lifetime and Preventative Healthcare
  • Vaccinations
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Hospitalisation
  • Medical Imaging and Diagnostics
  • Oncology and Chemotherapy
  • Nutritional Advice and Weight Loss
  • Behaviour Advice
  • Premium Pet Food and Prescription Diets
  • Skin and Coat Care, Hydrobaths and Grooming
  • Cat Boarding
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Heartworm and Parasite Control
  • Exotic Pet Medicine
  • Home Visits

If we don’t have the service or can’t help you ourselves, we’ll find somebody who can.

Not all veterinary practices offer exactly the same services. The state authority regulates what each practice can do. Some are not allowed to perform surgery, or might not be equipped for radiology or critical care.

Some might not be interested in exotic pets or animal behaviour. Vetwell practices provide access to all the services listed here. Whatever the service, we believe excellence and compassion are essential.


There are several clinical veterinary specialists in Queensland. Specialists work mostly in large referral hospitals, therefore we are fortunate to have one specialist working in our group. If your patient has unique needs that require specialist approaches to diagnosis and treatment, we can organise a referral.

For patients of the Vetwell group, we may be able to arrange ambulance transport to the specialist centre if needed.

Visit Queensland Veterinary Specialists

What is a Specialist?

Veterinary specialists are analogous to medical specialists. They are veterinarians who have undertaken several years of advanced training and rigorous exams in a particular discipline. They usually work exclusively in that discipline and have a higher level of knowledge, skills and equipment specific to that discipline.

One of our staff is a Specialist Theriogenologist (like an obstetrician) so he is skilled in delivering Rhino babies and collecting sperm from Alligators (true story).

Home Visits

We are happy to provide our clients with home visits where necessary. Please contact your local Vetwell pactice to make a mutually agreeable time and to discuss the case before we visit.

Home visits are limited to our existing clients within a 5km radius of your local Vetwell practice, and are usually organised for the middle of the day.

Home visits suit particular situations. For patients (or clients) who are not very mobile, (like some of our senior pets) a home visit can be easier and avoid the excitement of visiting the clinic. On the other hand, for sick patients, often what we can accomplish at your home is limited.

Diagnostic Tests

(X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT, MRI) and Pathology Tests

Diagnostic tests are often useful for the correct management of your pet’s problem. Many tests are able to be performed in our clinics, however sometimes we will send samples away for analysis.

Occasionally it is necessary for your pet to visit another facility, perhaps a specialist practice, to have tests performed. If this occurs we will make the necessary arrangements, and in particular cases our staff can even transport your pet.

We will always discuss results of tests with you in detail and we can make copies of results available to you if you wish.

What is Imaging?

Diagnostic Imaging is the use of several modalities to look inside the body. Just as x-rays allow us to look at bones, so Ultrasound offers a view of soft tissues.

CT and MRI are advanced imaging methods for special circumstances but are becoming more common in veterinary medicine.

Pet Grooming

Vetwell’s pet grooming services help to keep your pooch clean, tidy, happy and healthy. Not to mention looking (and smelling!) like a top dog.

Our groomers are trained, qualified and experienced in pet grooming and animal behaviour. And they’re gentle and caring animal lovers. No restraining devices are used on our grooming tables.

As well as grooming, we conduct routine checks for fleas and ticks, dental problems, skin conditions and general health. And they can advise on behavioural problems and home training.

Vetwell offers a range of pet grooming services, available on particular days at our various clinics. You can talk directly to your groomer to explain exactly what you’d like done. On completion of the grooming treatment, you’ll receive a report card detailing the procedures performed—providing valuable feedback and advice.

Grooming Menu

Full clip (the works) Full coat clip, nail trim, warm hydrobath, blow dry, eye & ear clean.

Just a trim (maintain coat between clips) Face, feet & bottom trim, nail trim, warm hydrobath, blow dry, eye & ear clean.

Just a wash Warm hydrobath

All services include general health, flea and tick checks.

To book, please contact your local Vetwell practice.

Cat Boarding

Vetwell’s Alderley Cattery provides a cosy home away from home for a maximum of 10 feline guests. With Vetwell’s cat boarding, you can be sure of the comfort and quality of a small, dedicated cattery, with the professional care and service of a vet.

The Vetwell Cattery provides clean, quiet, well-appointed enclosures. Cats from the same family can share an enclosure, or be housed separately on request. Puss will enjoy playtime each day with lots of toys to choose from, as well as scratching poles and play equipment.

Staffed by qualified vet nurses, the Vetwell Cattery caters for guests with special needs and medical conditions. Any regular medications and special dietary requirements can be administered and monitored as required.

Situated at the Alderley-Enoggera practice, the Vetwell Cattery offers a convenient central location and hours of operation. Best of all for puss, the Vetwell Cattery is a dedicated cats only environment—there are no kennels and no dogs!

You are welcome to inspect the Vetwell Cattery. Please contact us to make a suitable time.


$25 per cat per day

What’s included?

  • Hill’s Science Diet wet & dry food.
  • Comfy cushions and warm, cosy beds.
  • Administration of medications and feeding of any special dietary requirements. (Medications and special food to be supplied by the client on admission. A small fee applies for weekend medications.)
  • Daily play time, toys, scratching poles and play equipment.
  • Morning Newspaper


You can drop-off or pick-up any time during regular practice hours:

Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm

8am to 12noon

(Drop-off or pick-up to take place during business hours please)