Make an Appointment

Consultations are by appointment, although if your pet’s health is critical, we can accommodate you at any time. We take appointments morning and afternoon with surgery scheduled for the middle of the day.

If you wish to see a specific veterinarian, please make your request when you choose your appointment time. To make an appointment outside regular consulting hours, please call our reception staff and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


Our practice pharmacies are well stocked with animal medications. We have a special relationship with our pharmacy supplier that allows us to provide almost any medication within 24 hours.

We are happy to fill prescriptions for you and our veterinarians all have the legal authority to write prescriptions to human chemists if necessary.

Make an Appointment


Like most things, there is an intrinsic link between the quality of service and the price. One of the strengths of our group structure is that we are able to provide excellent quality care at a reasonable price. We think the following things are important:

  • The care of the patient is paramount
  • We are sympathetic to your financial requirements

We will always discuss price with you and aim to provide an estimate before undertaking any procedure.

Standard of Care

Our intent is to provide your pet with the highest standard of care you seek. All our staff participate in ongoing professional education to consistently update our medical and surgical skills. Our clinics are well equipped and most of our staff have advanced qualifications beyond the standard veterinary degree.

Telephone Advice

We will provide telephone advice to any of our clients at any time. If your call is a genuine emergency, it will be treated as such and a veterinarian will take your call immediately, 24 hours a day. If your call is not urgent, we will phone you back as soon as the veterinarian has finished the consulting session.


Our practice exists to serve your pets and you. Your feedback can help us provide a better service, so please don’t hesitate to phone us with your comments. We will always take a genuine complaint seriously, address your concerns and provide a written report.